TYPO Berlin 2016: Book Cover Design with Langesommer and Indre & Laura Klimaite by Christine Lange

Topic, genre, story, author and title—a book cover has to summarize many levels. The title wants attention, tries to arouse curiosity and is looking for the potential reader.

In our workshop you will get an insight into the typographic design of book covers and develop the strongest possible image and concepts with limited tools. We focus on basic means and strict restrictions to encourage a rapid work flow and creative solutions.


Christine Lange & Patrick Marc Sommer (Langesommer) & KlimaiteKlimaite

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Laura Klimaite is Lithuanian graphic designer based in Berlin. She graduated in graphic design from Vilnius Art Academy (LT) and ArtEZ Institute of Arts (NL). She teaches typography in BTK University of Arts & Design in Berlin, organises »Artistic Workshop Series« event and works for different range of clients and projects, focusing on editorial design.

Indre Klimaite is a designer, researcher and founder of graphic design studio Ilegal. Graduated from Master Course in Type&Media, in Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague, NL). Design researcher at Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht, NL) 2012. Guest teacher at Vilnius Art Academy and European Humanitarian University, Minsk-Vilnius.

Patrick Marc Sommer ist spezialisiert auf Publikationen mit einem besonderen Fokus auf Typografie. Seit 2009 ist er Mitherausgeber & Autor des Design made in Germany Magazins und Autor von Design We Like. Sommer ist Jury Mitglied beim European Design Award 2013–2018, dem Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung 2016 und Die Schönsten deutschen Bücher 2017 der Stiftung Buchkunst.


TYPO Berlin 2015: Hebrew Calligraphy — Hebräische Kalligrafie by Christine Lange

The Hebrew Alef-bet is the alphabet used by ancient and modern Hebrew and one of the oldest alphabets still in use. This workshop will provide insights into Hebrew calligraphy and script.

We want to give participants an impression of how the Hebrew alphabet is structured and inform them about its culture of writing. Those taking part will have the chance to write Hebrew letters using a quill and working together with the expert Amichai Green, becoming acquainted during this process with the Hebrew alphabet’s characteristic style and beauty.

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