TYPO Berlin 2015: Hebrew Calligraphy — Hebräische Kalligrafie / by Christine Lange



The Hebrew Alef-bet is the alphabet used by ancient and modern Hebrew and one of the oldest alphabets still in use. This workshop will provide insights into Hebrew calligraphy and script.

We want to give participants an impression of how the Hebrew alphabet is structured and inform them about its culture of writing. Those taking part will have the chance to write Hebrew letters using a quill and working together with the expert Amichai Green, becoming acquainted during this process with the Hebrew alphabet’s characteristic style and beauty.


Christine Lange & Patrick Marc Sommer (Langesommer) & Amichai Green

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© Sebastian Weiß (Monotype)

© Sebastian Weiß (Monotype)

Amichai Green made a personal journey from Tel Aviv to Berlin, enjoying the benefits of being outsider for some time, before putting down roots and becoming a Berliner. He constantly keeps on the move between interactive design, web and print; implementing common principals of the different media in attempt to achieve clarity, usability and flow.